Aqa Maula TUS Bestowed The Sharaf Of His Qudoom Mubarak To MSB

Aqa Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS in His six day trip to Karachi showered countless and priceless blessings on the land and its people. The day of farewell, Friday 26th July 2019 dawned upon the momineen of Karachi as a bittersweet morning. Students of AlMadrasa arrived at school in hope that Maula TUS will grace them with His Qudoom Mubarak and bestow an exclusive deedar sharaf all the while knowing well that this would be the final day of Maula TUS’s safar mubarak.

An aura of unworldly happiness was in the air on this historic day at AlMadrasa. It resonated on the face of every MSBian and staff member there. Our purpose which brought us together in AlMadrasa every day, the khidmat of our Maula TUS, AlMadrasa would welcome this Maula TUS today.

MSB’s very own band of students from class 6 – 10 played melodies of a heartfelt welcome and joy.

Students of AlMadrasa sat in their respective class rows under a tented area, in anticipation, while wearing their school uniforms with a sense of utmost honour today. Crowds of mumineen could be seen at the other side of the MSB gate, waiting for a glimpse of Maula TUS.

It was an exclusive moment for each MSBian as they couldn’t help but take immense pride on their fates today.

At around 1 p.m., as Maula TUS’s convoy approached the MSB gates, the hustle and bustle began, and everyone was at the edge of their seats not to miss even a millisecond of what was about to take place.

Maula TUS’s vehicle entered the gates. All hearts beating faster. Windows tinted, everyone held their breath waiting for the car door to be opened. Just as As Maula TUS laid His first step and emerged from the car there was an imploring outcry of ‘MAULAAAA!!’ by the students. It continued without pause as Maula TUS stepped away from the car, walked in front of the students and stood up on the stage set.

Maula TUS raised his hand in Salaami, graced the students with Nazar Mubarak and radiated a smile that words simply cannot do justice to. Children continued their chant of ‘MAULAAA!!’ in response.

On this day, hearts were overwhelmed with joy and memories were made that the children can treasure forever.