Annual Sports Meet 2017

Annual Sports Meet 2017

4th February 2017


Al Madrasa Tus Saifiya Tul Burhaniyah — Shabbirbad held its Annual Sports Meet 2017 in the light of the 9 Ayat manifested in the restoration of Al Jamea al Anwar, in the complex of Yusufi Masjid on 4th February.

Below is a detailed pictorial report of the events that took place on that day.

Tilawat ul Quran al Majeed / Tilawat ul Qasida Shareefa, Marasiya & Madeh

The sports started at precisely 9:00 am with the tilawat of Quran-e-majeed. Students of class IV came forth for the recitation. Their beautiful recital literally replenished the soul. After the tilawat, students of class VII were called on the stage. They recited the Qaseeda Sharifa, Marasiyah and Madeh in their melidous voice. Their vocals were so clear; they gave voice to the feeling of every momin sitting there.

Welcome Speech

After this, Al-Masool Sh. Huzaifa Dahodwala was called on the stage. He cordially welcomed the audience and appreciated their earnest and conscientious effort of being present in the school event. He heartily expressed gratitude for parents support and motivation. He also thanked the utmost honorable guest “Al Hadul Anjab Janab Younus Bhaisaheb Hamedi” for taking out his precious time and honoring MSB Institution with his presence.

Madrasa Tarana:

Now the young and energetic commentators of class X called upon the young girls of class VI to recite the Madrasa Tarana and National Anthem. These young juniors did absolute justice in reciting the anthems. The eloquence and effective interaction of voice paid tribute to the school and the country.


Undoubtedly, the coordination and cooperation was commendable.

Also the pride of being Pakistanis was seen when children recited the national anthem with extreme patriotism and devotion with the support of drum beats by the band. Every single individual stood up straight and their hearty applause was echoed in the massive ground.

Oath Ceremony

It was now time to show the spirit of fair play and sportsmen ship. The head boy and the vice perfects raised the flag of their respective house’s and the strenuous and active athletes accompanying them solemnly promised to abide by the rules of the games.

Declaration of the meet open:

After the spectacular band performance Al Masool Sh Huzaifa bhai invited Al Hadul Anjab Janab Younus Bhaisaheb Hamedi to declare the open meet. His encouraging words was an added fillip in the dynamic ambiance.


Now begun the PT display. Children of class III, IV and V exhibited the formation of nine ayaat. Their trenchant interaction of movement was simply outstanding. Then, these little angels formed the AMSB logo and the digit 1984 emphasizing the year in which Madrasa was established. It was truly an impressive display.


Our young gymnasts of MSB showcased breath-taking acts. The head, shoulder, cross and full balancing was incredible.

Finally, the butterfly position and somersaulting through a fire ring was literally jaw-dropping.

“Gymnastics is a great combination of strength, balance and coordination” says an Olympic Gold Medalist, Dominique Dawes. Our students of MSB proved it quite well.

Now started the races intending to incorporate the theme of Jamea Anwar. Our objective to develop a sense of responsibility and competition, to build their stamina and team building techniques worked out really well.

Nazafat race: Class 1 boys

The champions of class I were so keen and ready on the tracks to collect the garbage from the different spots and dump those in a bin. We aimed to integrate this with NAZAFAT.

Skating race class 7 girls:

Wooden planks had been tied to the students’ feet. They had to balance their way towards victory displaying cooperation and partnership

Mishkaat puzzle: Class 2 boys

The next were the students of class II who assembled the disjointed pieces of the mishkaat. Our goal of depicting restoration and renaissance of Al Jamea Anwar was well achieved through MISHKAAT RACE.

Pigeon race: Class 1 girls

It was now the cute angels of class II girls who flew in the ground disguised as pigeons. They had to run and pop up the black balloons which symbolized evil deeds. They were dressed up white and so the race was titled as PIGEONS RACE.

Finding the needle: Class 2 girls

Aqa Maula (TUS) emphasizes on SURAT TEEN was very well implemented by class II girls. They were desperately in search of a needle in a Hula Ring and recited Surat Teen to attain their goal of FINDING NEEDLE.

Bi’r e Hakim: Class 3 Boys

Now the excavators if class III were ready to depict the glory of BIR-E-HAKIM with their legs shackled. They ran to attain the shifa of the sacred water and unfettered themselves. The concept of the 4th ayaat was well portrayed by this race of BIR-E-HAKIM”

Time Management: Class 6 girls

“All time management begins with planning” says Tom Greening. Our young girls of class VI displayed their best effect of managing time by skipping their way towards the finishing line. It was truly a well-planned TIME MANAGEMENT RACE.

Stringing the Figs: Class 3 girls

Syedna Muffaddal Saifuddin ( TUS ) specified the advantages of the fruit Fig. In light of His Holiness (TUS) discourse, or students of class III stringed the Figs in the enclosed boxes and took their parcel on to the finishing line and so this race was name as STRINGING THE FIGS.

Taa’mirat race: Class 4 boys

Team work makes the dream work. The zealous boys of class IV worked in teams to build a mound of blocks. They signified the effortful process of the 5 ayaat through this race entitled as TAMIRAAT RACE.

Formation race: class 7 8 boys

Now the senior athletes of MSB, boys of class VII and VIII showed sleek and agile stunts in teams. They showed marked collaboration and cooperation in the FORMATION RACE

Umme Ali race: Class 4 girls

Now was the time of class IV girls to get ready for cooking. They collected the ingredients and scored towards the finishing line. The concept of culinary art was well acknowledged through UMME ALI RACE.

Labbaik Race: Class 5 boys

After this, boys of class V were ready and all set for the 3-legged race. Each pair raised the flag of Aqa Maula (TUS) bayan and intended to follow it and so this was said to be LABAIK RACE.

Shubbaak: Girls class 5

Now the multi-tasking girls of class V were on the track. They had to pick up various accessories and ran sheaf towards the finishing line. This race determined the essential quality of the sixth ayaat and we specified it as SHUBBAAK RACE.

Relay Race: Lohat Tarikhiya: Class 6 boys

Relay race is an effective way of encouraging children to achieve their goals in working together in a team. Our boys of class VI solved puzzle incorporating the history of LAWHAT TARIKHIYA.

Hurdle race: Class 9 & 10 boys

The last and final race of the senior most class IX and X drew everyone’s attention as they jumped high over an obstacle for the HURDLE RACE.

Awarding ceremony of Medals and Certificates.

Here, the Annual Sports Meet 2017 takes an end and the champions of SABR were the winning team. The senior boys representing their respective green house collected the trophy.

It is genuinely well quoted by Machel Jordan that talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championship.