Annual Sports Day

Annual Athletic Meet 2005 was held on 15th January 2005 at Yousufi Masjid Complex which commenced from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. The Chief Guest was Aamil Saheb of Karachi Janab Shabbir Bhai Saheb Nomani. Janab Nooruddin Bhai Saheb, Asateza tul Jamea, Ummal Kiram, Members of Faiz-e-Hakimi Trust and a large number of parents were present to cheer up the participating students.

  • The Function started with Tilawat ul Quran il Majid, followed by Tilawat of Qasida Mubaraka and a bund from Ya Sayyad ash Shohada.
  • All students and parents took barakaat of Kalemaat Nooraniyyah delivered by Aqa Moula in Inter Madaris Athletic Meet Bangalore.
  • The Madrasa Band welcomed the guests. House leaders holding the flags of their houses came marching to the Chief Guest and the Head Boy took the oath.
  • A colourful PT display was presented in which the students dressed in vibrant costumes made several beautiful formations.
  • Students of secondary section presented a spectacular performance in Gymnastics. They climbed upon each other skillfully to form different types of Pyramids.
  • Students of Gymnastic Club presented a breathtaking performance by jumping through fire rings without getting themselves injured.
  • Students of Class V of Karate demonstrated their strength by breaking bricks with their heels. Some girls also skillfully demonstrated the dangerous art of using Nunchakoo.
  • After this, a variety of events and races started, in which all students of the four houses (Sabr, Yaqeen, Adl, Jihad) enthusiastically participated.
  • With the farman of Chief Guest 50M Flat Race of Khidmat Guzars including Ummal Kiram, Asateza tul Jamea, Muraqebeen and Moallemeen was also held.
  • In the end students were delighted to see their parents in Tug of War v/s their teachers and members of Management.
  • Al Masool Sh.Mustafa Bhai Jack presented vote of thanks.
  • Winners were given cups and certificates


With the recitation of Madrasa Taraana and Wazifat ush Shukr the function came to its end at 11.30 am.

The coverage of the Annual Day was also shown on Pakistani TV Channel.
As per our planning and vision, the students achieved a lot and inshallah we hope that in the future they will learn and achieve more by the dua mubarak of Aqa Maula(TUS).
May Allah grant our Maula a long healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Judgment. (Ameen)