Annual Sports Day 2008

4th Inter School Athletic Meet 2008
25th Oct 2008

Physical Education (PE) and sport play an important role in school life.  They help to raise standards, improve behaviour and health, increase attendance and develop social skills.

Athletics are an integral part of the curriculum of every school, Athletics contests are played individually or in teams, involving physical strength, skill, and endurance.

A well run program of athletics, whether limited or wide in scope, can produce benefits difficult to achieve in other areas.  Included among these benefits are the development of good sportsmanship, team play, essential skills, a competitive team spirit and school loyalty. MSB Educational Institute Karachi has given special attention to PE, sports of allsorts and athletics by Guidance of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS and Sadaat Kiraam and is an imperative element of its overall curriculum.

Report of the Athletic Meet 2008

After having watched a spectacular event of Olympics in Beijing this summer MSB athletes were also eager to perform in track and field events to prove themselves. After the entire great athlete Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt also must have performed their talents through school events before stepping into the international arena.

It is thus our honour to present a brief report of the 4th Inter School Athletic Meet 2008 organized by Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah Shabbirabad held on 25th October 2008 in Asgar Ali Shah Stadium North Nazimabad Karachi.

Organizing a Meet of this magnitude is a great responsibility and we are honoured that this task was entrusted to the sports team of MSB Karachi with a new Athletic coach and PE instructor Sir Gazanfar, band and gymnastic instructor Sir Zohair Inayat and Table Tennis and indoor games instructor Ms. Tasneem behen Sadriwala. We have tried our best to take care of all the details connected with the Meet and we have collectively worked with all the staff of MSB for the success of the Meet.

The participating athletes belonged to four different renowned schools of Karachi were:-

  • MSB Shabbirabad (the host),
  • MSB (Haidery Campus)
  • Generations School, (North Nazimabad Campus).
  • Karachi Cadet School (Nursery Campus) and
  • The Educators (North Nazimabad Campus).

About 200 athletes with 290 students others who also took participation in PT, karate, gymnastics displays and recitations portrayed their potentials in front of the huge and warm hearted audience.

Some of the track and field event namely flat races and shot put and discus throwing events of 8 to 10 girls were held on 24th of October 2008 before the program and prizes were distributed amongst the winners on 25th the actual event day.

The Opening Ceremony

As the MSB School Band hailed the arrival of the Chief Guest Janab Naeem Bhai Sahib Mohyuddin Saheb, the stadium air was filled with excitement and joy. The teams from different schools and MSB participant athletes had already reported in the participant camp ready for competition in the honour and glory of the Athletics.

The commencement of the program was done with Tilawat of Al Quraan el Majeed by Hasan Sh Mustafa bhai of Class 7.

After the Tilawat, Qasida Sharifa penned by His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Buhanuddin TUS on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr this was recited by a group of students with reverence.

Al Masool Janab Shk Mustafa bhai Jack took the opportunity and greeted the chief guest Janab Naeem bhai sahib and guests of honour and the staff members of other schools present to witness the Meet. He said that the purpose of the Meet was to create a feeling of competitiveness and not to get disheartened by a loss. He asked the students to compete in true sportsmanship spirit. He encouraged the students to take part in all school activities and wished them good luck.

After the address Madrasa’s Alma Mater,(Tarana) written by Yamani Sahib was recited with great passion.

The Guest of Honor Janab Naeem Bhai Sahib hoisted the Pakistani Flag high up in the air, whilst the National Anthem of Pakistan which has been written by the renowned poet, Hafeez Jullundhri was recited.

An Oath was given by the participant athletes and the games were declared open.
The Events
Two hundred and ten students of MSB from classes III to VI presented a vibrant PT display in which they performed a series of exercise and displayed a formation of the initials of MSB in an array of alluring colours.
Gymnastics display was performed by the agile young boys who showed a tremendous aptitude for gymnastics.

The selected boys of class VI, VII and VIII performed a series of acts:

  • Commanding
  • Balancing
  • Full Balancing
  • Tower formation where five children balanced themselves on top of each other.
  • Rolling Plate act where a student Mustafa Mohammed Hussain of class VIII A balanced himself on a thin plank of wood over a cylinder and received a generous applause from the audience.

Karate display was performed by twenty one students from Class V. The moves they exhibited were:

  • Punching
  • Key bone – art of blocking in self defence
  • Kicking
  • Nun Chucks
  • Self Defence
  • Breaking – blocking of flying kick with kicks and punch
  • Breaking of block through spin kick

After these appealing displays Interschool Athletic events started

  • The officials for judging the events were qualified personals called from the Sindh Sports Board. We specially thank our guests for providing such a sound performance in the events

Six colourful races by classes I, II and III were held between the two Madaris Shabbirabad and Haidery campus and 4 tracks were allotted to both.

Twenty five different events for classes VI to X were held in flat races, hurdles, shot put and discus throws.

Al Madrasa won both Inter Madrasa and Interschool events comprehensively with a total 165 points where as the runner up was the Karachi Cadet School with 55 points. Our students enjoyed good competition against the other schools

Medals and certificates were awarded to the winners to acknowledge the triumphant young athletic feats. The events spread over one and a half hour saw sterling performances by the students and various meet records were equalled and many were broken and some new records were set. This is ample proof of the continuous endeavour of all concerned to surpass earlier benchmarks and standards.

For those who did not win, for them, we would like to quote the last four lines of a wonderful poem –
Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger and faster man,
But sooner or the later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks, he can.

So, dear students keep trying and may Allah Taala Bless you all

We take the opportunity to thank the chief guest Janab Naeem Bhai Sahib who presided over the function to honour us. Others to grace the ceremony were several Ummal Kiram, Asateza Kiram of Al Jamea tus Saifiya, members of MSB Management and a large number of parents were present to cheer up the participating young Athletes.

We would also like to thank the Burhani guards Trust who provided their support and assistance for the Meet.

We further congratulate the Sports Department, the whole staff members and Managing Trustee of MSB Educational Institute Karachi for organising a wonderful Athletic Meet and May Allah further assist us serve His Holiness to greater extents.

As per our planning and vision, the students achieved our objectives and Inshallah we hope that in the future we would fulfill our dream to perform in front of His Holiness Aqa Moula (TUS). Lets pray, May Allah accord our Moula vigorous and flourishing years to stay amongst us and guide us towards Truth. (Ameen)

MSB Educational Institute
Shabbirabad Karachi