Annual Inter House Sports Meet 2012

24th December 2012

Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah Karachi continues to excel in both curricular and co-curricular activities under the Nazaraat Rahimiyah of Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (T.U.S) and His mansoos Molaya Ali Qadar Syedi Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin Saheb (T.U.S). Sports is a regular feature of our curriculum and annually MSB hosts a sports meet to celebrate our students skills. “The Annual Inter House Sports Meet 2012-13”was organized as an inter house event where all four houses Adl (Yellow), Sabr (Green), Yaqeen(Blue) and Jihad (Red) participated.

“The Annual sports Meet 2012” was held on the ground of Ewan-e- Mufaddal which commenced from 09:00 am & culminated at 11:00 am. The Chief Guest was Amil Saheb Karachi Al Haddul Anjab ul Asa’ad Janab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb. Ummal Kiram, and other VIPs with a large number of parents attended to cheer up the participating students. The Madrasa Band and House Leaders holding flags of their houses escorted the Chief Guest.

The Meet commenced with Tilawat ul Quran e Majeed followed by Tilawat of Qasida Mubarakah. Al Masool Sh Ammar Bhai welcomed the Chief Guests and parents on behalf of MSB which was followed by the recitation of Madeh and Madrasa Tarana. Al Haddul Anjab ul Asa’ad Janab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb Zakiuddin delivered a short speech about MSB activities and its philosophical approach regarding tarbiyat and taleem of our students. After that He performed the Flag Hoisting Ceremony and declared the games open, amidst the recitation of the National Anthem. The head boy along with the House Leaders took the oath on behalf of all the participants. A colourful PT display by the students of classes 3 and 4 followed amidst a kaleidoscope of colours. The students of the Secondary Section presented a spectacular performance in Gymnastics. They climbed and balanced on the top of chairs placed on each other, and skillfully displayed different types of Pyramid formations. After this, a variety of events and races started, in which students of the four houses enthusiastically participated. The winners were awarded medals and certificates by the Respected Chief Guest, Ummal Kiram, Al Masool, Mashaikh Kiram, Academic Coordinators, Uloom Arabia Heads, Muraqebeen and Parents.

The Yaqeen House scored the highest points and received the Winner’s trophy. The students and the parents all left the grounds with smiles on their faces indicating the fun and the joy they had just been part of.