Annual Inter-House Athletic Meet 2014-2015

24th December 2014

Maulana Aali Qadr TUS’s emphasis on sports and physical activity has opened up vistas that have impacted Mominees lives world over. Sports has all the more become an integral part of the curriculum at Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah. This year also the Sports Day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. Janab Amilsaheb Noorudin Bhaisaheb graced the event with his presence as chief guest.

The chilly winter morning had little effect on the energy and preparation of the students. From the young lot to the eldest, everyone was prepared and full of enthusiasm. The day took its pace with the recitation of Al-Quran. The recitation of verses of Marsiya and Qasida Mubarakah followed suit.

Showing off flexibility, courage and practice the young gymnast simply took away the breaths of the spellbound audience with their extraordinary performances. P.T. display was one pretty display of the gaily dressed little ones of the Primary Section.

The flag unfurled to the words of the Pakistani national anthem and the oath taking by the head boy and our house captains. The entire school led by the school band in their respective houses marched past in honour of the chief guest. The Masool welcomed the chief guest and the audience with great fervor and invited Janaab Amilsaheb to address the audience with his words of wisdom and guidance. The Sports Day took its formal start with the races of the younger ones. Nazafat, Waaz preparation Race and Ghilaaf Making Race were a few amongst the lot. The sight of the little ones performing with the best of their abilities was amusing and heartfelt. The races were thoroughly enjoyed by the little children and more so by the audience.

Similarly the races of the elder students went on with a competitive streak and great determination. The winners were overjoyed while the rest of the participants radiated hope and good sportsman spirit. The Sports Day was complimented with the lively commentary by the senior students of the Al Madrasa. The day ended with a note of thanks to all parents and audience for their presence and participation. The winning students stood tall and smart on the victory stand and went back proud with their medals. The efforts of all students were heartily applauded by the audience.

The Red House and the Blue Houses had been in stiff competition right till the end but in the end, the Blue House took the house trophy home.

It was a morning well enjoyed by the students and the audience as they left the grounds excitedly chattering about the events of the day.