Annual Checkup Report Of MSB Students


Medical Checkup is organized every year in Al Madrasa to keep the health record of our students. The objective is to ensure that the child remains healthy throughout the initial stages of his life. Through these checkups minor and major health problems are diagnosed and referred for further treatment. It is very essential for the teachers to be aware of the medical problems faced by any student in his/her classroom, as the student spends around eight hours in the school daily. His/her care for the child can really make a difference and it is also essential in case of emergency.

As in previous years, Al Madrasa had been organizing different medical checkups in collaboration with Saifee Hospital Karachi and Burhani Diagnostic Centre, owned and supervised by Burhani Guards Trust (Karachi). 

In accordance with this arrangement, in the current Academic Year 2007-2008 Al Madrasa organized An Eye Examination. While observing signs and symptoms of visual problems in students, such as holding work too close or too far, asking for special seating, thrusting head forward to see distant objects, holding body tense when reading or looking at distant objects, slowness in learning to read, poor achievement demonstrated by reduced quality or quantity of work and slow rate of learning, short attention span etc, it was acknowledged that many students have eyesight problems. Keeping this in view, it was decided to have a Computerized Eye Checkup. A circular was sent by Al Masool to parents informing them about the checkup on 7th of September’07. The checkup commenced from Friday 14th of September and continued till Monday 1st of October’07. Two well qualified Ophthalmologists (Dr. Riyadh Ahmad and his wife Dr. Tahera Riyadh) and a dedicated assisting Optician (Zulfiqar Iqbal Bhai) performed the eye exam.

On Friday 14th of September ’07, Dr. Riyadh was welcomed and introduced by Al Masool Janab Sk Mustafa Bhai Jack in the morning Dua, then Dr. Riyadh in his speech, briefed students on care of eyes and shared useful information about different eye diseases.

Students who wear spectacles were first sent to the optician. The optician with the help of lensometer, measured the power of existing lenses and then sent them to the doctor. The doctor asked each student a series of questions about medical history and any vision problems student might be experiencing. In addition, questions about family’s eye health history, allergic reactions to medications, and current medications were also asked. Then, the student was asked to identify and read aloud different letters of the alphabet printed on a special light board, positioned 20 feet away covering each eye respectively. After this Visual Acuity Test, the doctor re-examined eyes with Auto Ref-Keratometer to obtain more reliable and realistic subjective refraction data. At the end of the examination the student was advised on the appropriate interval until his or her next examination and prescribed, glasses, or write a statement which confirmed that the eyes don’t need correction. If a student needed medical treatment for an eye condition he was called at clinic.

The checkup continued from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm for 3 hours approx. daily and total of 600 students and teachers were thoroughly examined by the doctors.

Out of 600 students approximately 157 students were advised to wear spectacles and 15 students were called for detailed examination at the clinic. Ophthalmologists didn’t examine students of Nursery A & B due to technical issues such as their short attention span and fear of new experiences.

The ophthalmologists went to AMSB Haidery campus after they accomplished the task here. The checkup took place in the same way as in MSB Shabbirabad.

“Muhammadi Optics” in Haidery has offered a special discount to the students and staff of AMSB on the purchase of spectacles.

In spite of time constraints and over load shedding, the Eye checkup went well with the Dua Mubarak of Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS. May Allah Subhanahu grant our beloved Moula a long, prosperous and healthy life till the Day of Qayamat. (Ameen)

Report submitted by:
Mu. Mansoor Shabbir Bhai (Al Muraqib)
Zulfiqar Iqbal Bhai (Computer teacher)