An Inter-School Girls Throwball Competition

1st October 2013

Each sunshine brings hope and a glow to the young faces at MSB. It was an extra special day for the girls throwball team. They had an interschool throwball tournament at a host school Al-Hameed high school. A team of 7 girls and 6 as substitutes and the well wishers,set off for their competition at 8.30.

The competition was to take place between four schools, namely:

The Bahria School, The classic high school, MSB Hyderi and MSB Shabbirabad.

The tournament commenced with the tilawat of Qur’an e Majeed . The first match was between the Bahria girls and MSB Haidery. The energetic girls of MSB Haidery won the matches with a clean sweep. Next up was the match between Al-Hameed’s team A and the Classic High girls, where the Al-Hameeds won giving the oponents tough competition. MSB Shabbirabad then rose to play against Al-Hameed girls team B. MSB Shabbirabad easily won the matches giving their opponents no chance to gain points.

The first half of the tournament got over with great excitement and now the teams geared up for the semifinals. The first match was between MSB Haidery and MSB Shabbirabad girls. This was a thriller and action packed as the teams played and offered each other neck to neck competition. The spectators watched in awe and avid concentration at the end of the game which lead to the MSB Haidery team winning the match. This was followed by a match between MSB Shabbirabad and Al-Hameed, where by the MSB Shabbirabad’s came through as winners with a vast margin of points.

It was now time for the finals which were now between both the MSB Hyderi and MSB Shabbirabad. The match had taken an exciting turn, where the spectators eyes were glued on the ball which flew high and low, from side to side with ease at times and vigour sometimes. Each team was focused towards victory and the first match was won by MSB Haidery. The second match came to a draw and no team seemed ready to give up just yet. Both teams exhibited great coordination and the “WE spirit” making it difficult for the judges to decide what to do therefore upon consultation with the coach a decision to draw the game came through. The Prize for the winning team was shared by both MSB Shabbirabad and MSB Haidery and the ground reverberated with the MSB’s cheering and congratulating each other. The teams parted with their heads held high for bringing victory back to school.