An Excursion To Al-Jamea-Tus-Saifiyah To Gather Barakaat

26 Sept 2011


A lesson in in the Class IV course in Tarbiyat Diniyah on the observance of etiquette during the ziyarat of Awliya Ullah (AS) inspired us to plan an  expedition to Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah. The conviction within each heart was to go there, take barakaat  with a dua pulsating in every heart that may Moula live in the best of health till the day of Qiyamat .

Upon reaching the grounds of Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah, the students  accompanied by staff, entered Al-Masjid-ul –Fatemi and did ziyarat of the Qitat mubarakah from the zarih Mubarak of Raas-ul-Hussain (AS).From here the entourage proceeded to perform  Ziyarat of Ummul Momineen Amena aaisaheba and As Syeda tul Fazelah Shehzadi saheba Sakina Baisaheba. The students layed rose petals on the qabar Mubarak .

To co relate to the topic they had studied earlier on,on Al-Mawaid, the students also visited Almawaid-us Saifiyah at Aljamea where they were able to  observe the hygiene  in the process of the preparation that went into the custom that  has been in practice since Syedna Ismail Badruddin (RA).

The students were also made aware of the noble  niyat that Moulaya Aali Qadar has taken up, to ensure that every moomins house is filled by the barakaat of  Faiz-al-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah.

The students were served with refreshing salawaat sherbet just before they left. Their faces awed  by all they had seen within the grandeur of Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah.