An Array Of Activities In The Upper Primary & Secondary

26th February 2013

After the recitation of Darees Mubarak on the niyat of HuzureAala (TUS)’s long life in the best of health, MSB was a hub of activities.

The seniors returned to their respective venues for the talent activities and nearing mid-day they gathered at Evaan e Mufaddal for an array of programs.

The hifz and the recitation of Al-Quraan e Majeed is something that HuzureAala (TUS) has accentuated over and over in His bayaan Mubarak on several occasions and also in His Munajaat Shareefa. Therefore, the students had their competition rounds in class and the best students came on stage to recite. MSB was lucky to have Huffaaz kiraam from Al-Jamea-tus Saifiyah as judges.

The next musabaqat in line was that of hifz un Nasaaeh where the students were required to memorize the verses where taharat and salaat had been mentioned. The recitation was complemented with an on stage performance of the arkaan.

This congregation was accentuated with the Madaeh recitation competition. Students came on stage in class groups for the recitation of madeh. The air was filled with nagamaat e Ale Mohammed SA.

Each student who participated in this meet or sat within the audience, each had a single plea in their hearts, that may our beloved Moula live till the day of Qiyamat.