Academic & Vision Plan Meet At MSB For Classes 1 To 11″O”

23rd August 2014

The Primary and Secondary parents were excitedly and enthusiastically seated in evaan e Mufaddal for a virtual tour of the achievements of the academic year 2013-14 and plans for the year 2014- 2015.

The meeting commenced with the Tilawat-e-Qur’an e Majeed and the recitation of verses from Qasaid MubarakahA senior Muraquib warmly welcomed the parents and aptly commenced the orientation round with the uniqueness and distinct features of Al-Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah by quoting abstracts from Al-Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA)’s kalemaat nooraniyah which is also the Mission Statement for all Al-Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah centres worldwide which stated that Al-Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah takes on the responsibility of not only educating the child but also nurturing its students upon the fundamental of Islam.The Academic Co-ordinators further enlightened the parents with the academic and activy plans to be implemented during the academic year at Madrasa.The Masool then addressed the parents through an interactive session and extended his expectations to the parents in three key words. TRUST,SUPPORT and PARTICIPATION were what the Madrasa sought from the parents to enable a valuable partnership that would be lucrative for the child.The parents were then welcome to meet their child’s Muraquibs and teachers.The meeting came to a closure with a hope to have yet another year of success with our dedicated staff, parental co-operation at all times under the saya Mubarak of our beloved Maula(TUS) and His continous nazaraat.