A Visit To The Meteorological Department

30th September & 1st October 2014

Field trips are a major part of our curriculum at Al-Madrasa. They serve to broaden the vistas of the students’ knowledge on various subjects. The Class III’s and IV’s took a trip to the Meteorological Department

The purpose of this trip was to enhance learning with integration of the ongoing topics in Science, Social Studies and Project of the Month.

The students were first taken to the Auditorium where they were briefed about the functioning of the different departments of the weather station and what the students would be seeing during this expedition.

The next sojourn was the instrument lab where all instruments related to measuring and recording the weather were displayed, followed by the coding room where weather updates were received from various parts of Pakistan and the world through number codes. The weather forecast room was a hub of activities as here the working was manual and the satellite forecast was being plotted every 3 hours.

The students were then taken to the Tsunami and Earthquake department where their knowledge about how the Tsunamis are observed and how warnings for tsunamis are forecasted. The seismic scale that measures the intensity of an earthquake was shown to the students too.

One of the department the students visited was home to a special barometer to observe and give the recordings of the air pressure for ships.

At the observatory station was a display of instruments used for recording and measuring weather. The wind vane anemometer, automatic weather recorder, rain gauge, evaporating pan were all part of the observatory station.

The final stop the students made was at the radar room. They observed the working of the satellite and how it is used for recording the precipitation, clouds and the humidity present in the atmosphere.

The students returned to school with a wealth of knowledge related to their classroom learning about weather.