A Robotic Affair At Msb Shabbirabad!

The new academic year 2019-20 started with a bang for Grade 7 & 8 students. They had their first real life interaction with BOTS, shortly after school reopened in July. Boom – it was love at first sight!

So far, several sessions have been held and each session has been more exciting than the previous one, with the students anxiously waiting for the next class.

From assembling the Bots to programming them and later seeing them function as per their instructions, the students have done it all. Every new lesson adds to their programming skills and brings more challenges and it is apparent that we have some brilliant future engineers with a great aptitude for Artificial Intelligence. Besides that, multiple soft skills are also being honed through these sessions.

Robotics has taken a central place in the practice of STEM education. It is one of the most demanded fields out there and is an amalgamation of modern science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The fruits of this programme will be reaped not just in near future but in many years to come too.

These sessions are aimed at developing higher order learning skills of application, analysis, evaluation and creation. For many students, Robotics classes have opened up new vistas to be explored.

With the future focused on STEM, Artificial Intelligence, soft skills, Robotics are soon to rule the roost and our students will be fully equipped with the required tools.