A Renaissance In Education

A Renaissance in Education at MTC 10 with Professor
Abbas Hussain

Report Presented by
Arwa Sh. Khuzaima

Considering the fact that “There is no room for complacency in Education”, by the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS) the Summer of 2007 saw a horizon for educating and further upgrading staff at MSB into various aspects of Education.

For the benefit of our esteemed staff, parents and well wishers , here is a comprehensive report on one of the ventures “The MTC 10”.

Making a Difference

In a profession as personal as teaching, it is amazing to see the impersonality of TEACHER EDUCATION.

Ivor Goodson

  • Who do I teach?
  • What do I teach?
  • Who is the one that teaches?

The Courage to teach
Parker Palmer

  • Teaching Professional
  • Professional Pride
  • Passiang on knowledge through a systematic approach

Unless there is learning in the staffroom, there wont be any quality education in the classroom

Qualities for Success
Importance of Knowledge

Teaching as a Profession

Payments of teaching Flexible timing
Lifelong regard from students.
Company of the Young.
Contribution to knowledge
3 Questions a teacher must answer
What balance do I strike between
Expertise & Nurturance
Relationship with
Parents & School
What is my responsibility towards shaping the culture of my school
Am I a transmitter or transformer
of my society’s values

  • The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (7th Edition)
  • Roget’s College Thesaurus
  • English Idioms (Jennifer Seidi)
  • Reader’s Digest Great World Atlas
  • Resource Books for Teachers , Edited by Alan Maley, OUP
  • Conversation ( Arthur Nolasco )
  • Vocabulary ( Mario Rinvolucri )
  • Literature (Alan Maley )
  • Newspapers ( Peter Grundy )
  • Grammar Dictation (Ruth Wajnryb )
  • Project Work ( D. Fried Booth )
  • Classroom Dynamics (Jill Hadfield )
  • English Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy ) CUP
  • English Vocabulary in Use (Michael McCarthy ) CUP
  • The First Days of School (Harry Wong )

  • Co-operative education & self evaluation
  • A climate that respects differences
  • Climate of self discovery
  • A non threatening climate
  • Unique natures of learning
  • 12 Conditions of learing
  • Climate of openness
  • A Climate that recognizes The right to err
  • Atmosphere of trust
  • Environment of active people
  • Climate of respect
  • Climate of acceptance
  • A Climate that’s tolerates Ambiguity