A Parent Teacher’s Meet In The Pre-Primary And Primary

22nd March 2014

Parents and teachers share a common treasure, the STUDENT. If they are to nurture this treasure and ensure its success, they must be intentional about good communication.

To establish good communication and to share our aims and make plans, solve problems and establish relationships, a PARENT TEACHERS’ MEET was arranged at MSB on Saturday from 8.30am to 1.00pm.

Parents had been given appointments at staggered times to ensure complete focus and quality discussion as well as avoid unnecessary waiting for parents. The parents viewed their child’s books and copies of both Uloom Diniyah and Secular subjects and left the Madrasa content and happy over the knowledge that their child received the best of the very best at MSB under the saya Mubarak of our beloved Moula (TUS) and under the stringent guidance of their dedicated care givers.