A Learning Venture At MSB

3rd November 2012

We at MSB recognize the fact that to be able to teach the generation today, continual learning on the teachers’ part is absolutely pertinent and non-negotiable.

Fifty two members of staff spent the entire Saturday at MSB at an in-house workshop conducted by a senior staff member who is also a renowned trainer both nationally and internationally.

The workshop revolved around the topic Co-operative Learning which was prudently selected by the trainer in the light of HuzureAala (TUS)’s bayaan where he states:

“Oh beloved children of my Dawat, I urge you to live in unity, harmony and peace. You must work and live in oneness and I command you to live in amity and solidarity. Moula TUS further reinstated his aspirations by saying that the well being of His people is a source of his comfort. Live without jealousy or arrogance without any greed or conceit with a cheerful character and disposition.”

The workshop provided teachers with a large variety of activities to better understand the concept of cooperative learning and carry it out in their classrooms.

It proved to be a fruitful day which was enjoyed and well spent learning together