A Fun-Filled Morning At The Zoo

13th November 2014


The cool breezy morning was a perfect morning to be at the zoo. Having done sadaqah, the students left through the large Madrasa gate into the waiting vehicles which headed straight to the zoo.

The students watched the animals in amazement as the animals too posed to welcome the students. The white lions were a fascinating sight. The students were able to view the contrast between their tanned and white coats.

The ferocious roaming tiger was the only animal who seemed to be hungry as it roamed the cage in strong aggressive moves in search of prey.

Since the students had also been through the life under the sea project, they immediately pointed to the tortoise as it probably had the same shell on its back but no flippers to swim.

The students were overheard discussing the elephants at the zoo, which a year earlier had been little calves and now had grown considerably.

The zebra, the impala, the ducks, the flamingoes and all the other animals were a pleasure to watch and observe.

The students sat down on the plush green grass to enjoy sharing the yummy snacks they had brought along with the mouth watering sandwiches that were on the mawaid menu for the day.

The train ride around the zoo was like the icing on the cake as they took their last round aboard, around the zoo.

The students climbed into their vans and excitedly exchanged accounts of their trip as they headed back to school.