A Decision Discussed

16th May 2012

There is no short cut to building a better individual. Through realizing the potential of the young and the youth at MSB, and through giving them room to exercise that potential, we can be sure to see a brilliant Pakistan in the future. This has been the course of action at MSB always , and gratifying have been the rewards as we look up at our students turn into young successful professionals and experts.

A career guidance session for subject and system selection was organized for both students as well as parents of the Class VIII

The experts at MSB from the O “Levels” and the SSC expert both presented the details of the two systems. The presenters further spoke about the career opportunities and of studying within the country and abroad.

The session was interactive with parents and students posing their concerns and queries while the experts catered to their needs.

A member from the Academic council who is also a leading professor at colleges in Karachi shared with parents the importance of formulating and setting a goal which actually makes it possible for us at MSB to help the child find his/her path towards achieving the goal.

The concluding comments braced students as they strode back to their classrooms that the baseline to both systems was HARD WORK!