15th Of Zilqadatil Haram 1441H

Yesterday, on the night of the urus of Al Dai al Ajal Syedna Taiyab Zainuddin RA, Aqa Maula Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS in His bayan Mubarak of 1438H. had mentioned about the time of floods in Surat. During those difficult and extraordinary times Syedna Taiyab Zainuddin RA ensured that food and every necessity for momineen’s sustenance was made available to them. Syedna painstakingly managed to send the food items via boats to ensure that not one momin would have to sleep hungry.

We can easily relate the difficulty of those times to the same unprecedented times of today which no one could have ever imagined to be. Today when many feel bereft due to the deteriorating economic and social conditions, Aali Qadr Maula TUS is ensuring that momineens’ homes are brimming with food. Maula TUS; like a parent, which He indeed is to us, is ensuring that not only we are properly physically fed, but also making certain that our souls are being nourished with the Ilm of Aale Mohammad SAW.

Tonight and in the past four months of the lock down, Maula TUS has ensured that our seclusion is limited only physically, and in reality we momineen are spiritually connected and free, wading through these turbulent times by following the lead of our Maula TUS, our eternal guide TUS, who is seamlessly surfing through this storm of the coronavirus pandemic which indeed no eye had seen, no ear ever had heard of. Who would have ever thought that our homes would get the prestige of Imamat namaz, the sanctity of Nauhe wal aweel majalis, witnessing our brethren; young and old worldwide praying with us, amongst us in our homes/ in their homes…

When the world seems to be confused of the very day, the Dawoodi Bohra are at peace under the supreme shelter of their spiritual leader. Indeed, it is the foresight and the Dua of the Dai uz Zaman TUS which is shielding us momineen of the inevitable toil and countless troubles which the world so naturally endures due to the disease and more so, the panic caused due to it. The affirmation that Aqa Maula TUS is by our side and the zikr of Husain SA in our hearts is enough to affirm us of our eternal safety and refuge. This deep rooted connection and the feeling of belongingness has helped us and continues to help us skillfully navigate through these stormy tides of ambiguity and loneliness.

Today when the urus majalis congregations are a challenge, Maula TUS has brought to our homes the barakat of these sacred events. One couldn’t begin to offer gratitude enough for these live audio/videos relay which have already formed a tradition of every household worldwide.

Yesterday night we were again blessed with the noorani kalemat of the three Dais, quenching our thirst of deedar with the illuminous sight of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA and Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. In the end, the heart wrenching martyrdom of Imam Husain SA prayed by Aqa Maula TUS left no one eye devoid of tears. May Allah keep our Maula safe, healthy and prosperous till the day the Zikr of Imam Husain SA remains in the world. Ameen

Amate Syedna TUS,