100 Minutes In Matam At MSB

22 Mar 2011


A wish alive in every Momin’s heart in these days is to present tahani to HuzureAala(TUS) in every different manner possible. As we sought different ways , we MSBIANS found none more apt than the Matam of Imam Hussain (AS) as HuzureAala (TUS) himself has at one time stated

The students and the staff, assembled in Evan-e-Mufaddal after the recitation of Tilawat-ud-Dua and matam began with great ardor and vitality at 7.55 am. The recitation of Marasi Shareefa and the sounds of “YA HUSSAIN”, filled the surroundings. The josh with which the students did Matam for a full hundred minutes, was a complete reflection of a single plea amass in every heart, that the sound of our Matam reach the threshold of our beloved Moula(TUS)

This gathering ended on a single dua that may Imam Hussain(AS)’s Dai, our beloved Moula (TUS) live for hundreds and hundreds of years to come for the “BAQA” of Imam Hussain(AS)’s Matam.