Aims/Objectives of the National Curriculum (2000)

According to the National Curriculum, the aims of teaching Physics at the SSC level are:

  1. To develop curiosity about physical phenomena and informed appreciation of the physical world. Also to lay greater emphasis on understanding and application of physical principles than on the rote learning of stated facts and promotion of an awareness of physics as an intellectually satisfying discipline.
  2. To produce a course which develops scientifically literate citizens as well as providing for those who will make direct use of their studies in the subject. Thus whenever appropriate, the teaching should arise out of or lead directly towards the applications of physics.
  3. To gain the understanding and ability to use scientific methods as a way to acquire and synthesize knowledge.
  4. To understand the role of physics in the economical, technological, and environmental aspects of modern social structure.”

General objectives
On completion of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Correlate physical theories with what is going on in their environment.
  2. Apply appropriate physical laws, concepts and theories in solving problems that they would encounter in every day life.
  3. Appreciate the relevance of physics to everyday situations.
  4. Handle the apparatus, make accurate observation and assess their significance in drawing conclusions.
  5. Acquire adequate background knowledge and an understanding of concepts and principles which are fundamental to physics and to physics terminology.
  6. Acquire and understand the importance of physics to humanistic and technological aspects in the development of society and care for the environment.
  7. Develop ability and skills that are useful in a technological world.
  8. Develop attitudes relevant to attainment of excellence in physics such as objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative and inventiveness.

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