Aims/Objectives of the National Curriculum (2000)

According to the National Curriculum the broad aims of this subject are that the students should be able to:

  1. Develop an interest in Chemistry.
  2. Seek knowledge and enjoyment from the subject of Chemistry.
  3. Develop an ability to think scientifically.
  4. Acquire an ability to perform experiments.
  5. Acquire an ability to solve problems.
  6. Observe accurately and objectively.
  7. Develop an awareness of the social, economical and technological implications of chemistry.

General Objectives
The National Curriculum of Chemistry for secondary classes (IX and X) was developed keeping in mind the following general objectives:

  1. Develop attitudes relevant to scientific enquiry, initiative, integrity, precision and accuracy.
  2. Develop imaginative and critical thinking.
  3. Formulate opinion in solving community problems especially related to environment.
  4. Study beyond secondary level, in applied science or in science development vocational courses.
  5. Seek proper employment.
  6. Recognize the role of chemistry in industry and society.

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