Quran Ibtida of Class 1

Quran Ibtida of Class 1

1st Feb 2011


Dua Mubarak and Raza Mubarak by Huzurala TUS to begin Quran e Majeed
The young children of Class 1 of Al Madrasa Tus Saifiyah Tul Burhaniyah, Karachi, were bestowed with the Sharaf of Raza Mubarak by Huzoorala Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS to begin recitation of Quran e Majeed. Aqa Maula TUS blessed these 52 eager children by looking at their picture, placing His Mubarak hands and signing the Arzi with the prized words “Dua MB”.

They were fortunate to begin Quran Majeed with Al Farqad ul Azhar Janab Husein bhai sahib Saifuddin during his visit to Karachi on 27th Safar ul Muzaffar, 1432H (1st February 2011).

This is surely a momentous step in the lives of these fortunate students as they will embark on their imminent academic journey armed with the precious Dua Mubarak of 52nd Fatemi Dai and Bawa Shafeeq. May Allah grant our Maula TUS who is Hafiz ul Quran and the beloved vicegerent of Quran-e-Natiq, and His Mansoos TUS, a long, healthy and prosperous Life till Yaum ul Qiyamat. Ameen.

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