Educational Activity Report

Educational Activity Report

Social Skills – Class Room Behavior

Reinforcement of positive class room behavior
Enhance acting skills.

Namaz Hall for class V- V1 Evan –e- Muffadal for class V11 – V111

12:45 – 1:40 pm.


1. 13 groups were formed, 8 students per group, sitting arrangement was
organized to facilitate efficient team work.2. Each group was given a situation printed on a slip of paper, which had to be
enacted; the preparation time was 10 minutes, and performance time was 1 minute.

3. A brief introduction was given by the teacher in charge regarding the rules,
regulations and criteria.

4. One by one the groups presented their act on stage. (Students gave a
commendable performance in such a short time span.)

5. The performances were judged and the results were announced

6. Mulla Huzaifa bhai gave a summation to reinforce the importance of positive

1. Well mannered class with-out a teacher. (Show the best advantage of this

2. Greeting teachers outside the class, around campus.

3. Not to tease or make fun of the student when he/she is giving irrelevant

4. If the student is being called by a nick name, how to react.

5. Obey your teachers promptly when instructions are given.

6. Caring for things around you; are the chairs for rocking?
Are the tables for scribbling?
Are the soft boards to doodle on?

7. Disturbing the class during explanation, by making sounds/noises.

8. Silently playing with eraser, pen, drawing pictures in book/copy while
teacher is explaining.

9. Standing in a queue without pushing, harassing etc.

10 .Assisting teachers/peers (e.g. a teacher/student carrying a lot of
things from one place to another, what should you do?

11. The trouble one goes through when their things are hidden, specially
Shoes/pencil box etc.

12. The best way to deal with bullying.

13. While conversing how to address each other in school, in the school
van and other places of congregation.

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