Theme of the month October 2008

Theme of the month October 2008

MSB Digest

MSB Digest was a unique way for board display in the month of October. Keeping English Language as the main theme, the idea was to create a digest following the pattern of “Reader’s Digest”.

Students were encouraged to write articles on various topics. The topics included “Money Maker’s” written by Habiba Quresh of class VII and Murtaza Rangwala of XO’ Levels, “Everyday Heroes” by Norruddin Abbas, “My Story” a biography “Two World’s One Story” by Murtaza Rangwala XO’ Levels, “Everyday Life” an article of an MSB student’s life, “Life at MSB” written by Tasneem Mazhar of VIIIB.

MSB challenges were contributed by Yaqoota Bhinderwala of VIII A, a tricky riddle on the Ant Family. While the challenge “The Wonderful Worldwide Quiz of Names” was the effort of Mohammad Mithaiwala of VIIIA. Quotable quotes were displayed elegantly by Zainab Taher, Umme Salma Basarai and Zainab Jesserwalla of class VIIB.

The distinctive touch given to our digest were the memorable real life experiences with our spiritual leader and father Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (TUS) contributed by Amatullah Ratlamwalla, Umme Salma Basarai, and Alifyah Rampurawala of class VIIA.

Article expressing the “Signifiance of Islamic English” was written by Tasneem Naeem of IXO”Levels.

This was the first time English Digest was incorporated as a theme for board display and it was appreciated and encouraged by all the teachers and students as a job, well done.

The credits of editing and overall guidance goes to none other than our Secondary HOS Rashida Bhen Haji graphic designing and compiling is credited to Mehlum Bhujwala and Hussain Baniwala of class XO”Levels and the editor Fatima Bhen Anjary.

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