Toloba ul Kulliyaat Host the SPELLING BEE

Toloba ul Kulliyaat Host the SPELLING BEE

31st March 2013


The strive for par- excellence is what keeps our students motivated and geared to take up all challenges set-forth , not just within its premises but also on different platforms.

The Toloba ul Kulliyaat ul Momineen in Karachi hosted a Spelling Bee Contest at the Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah Auditorium, where MSB’s participation was in the majority.

The students participated enthusiastically with great zeal and dedication round after round. Our student Mubaraka Rawat was declared the winner of the 15-17 age group while Hussain Pishori posed as a runner up in 13-16 age group. The winning students were awarded shields whilst  all the participant carried home certificates as memoir of this great event.

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