Investiture ceremony at MSB

Investiture ceremony at MSB

9th December 2013, Monday


The investiture ceremony of the student council was held with the morning Tilawat-ud-Dua.

It was opened with a  speech rendered by a senior Muraquib who highlighted the value and prestige of being a member  of the student council and guided and urged the students  to follow their duties efficiently and effectively in the light of Moula’s farman Mubarak.

The Academic Coordinator for Secondary then addressed all the students requesting them  to abide by the school policies and rules, respect the members of the student council so as to have a harmonious environment in the school.

Al-Masool Sh. Ammar Bhai spoke next highlighting the hasnaat  that we are able to gather when  unity embraces   and interdependence  is our motto we build not only a strong team but are able to portray as strong and important members of the society.

Members of the student council were then lead into the oath taking  by Janab Sh. Ammar Bhai, after which the students received their badges  from senior faculty members

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