AKU Middle School Assessment Framework

AKU Middle School Assessment Framework

Al Madrasa tus Saifiyah tul Burhaniyah participated in the Program the Aga Khan University Examination Board organized  for Middle School Assessment in the year 2012-2013. Rigorous and demanding project portfolios covering all subjects were prepared by the board along with provision of its assessment parameters. The project portfolio was organized in a way which ensured learning, presenting  and team working  abilities of the students while ensuring the tasks assigned were completed with zeal and interest.

The groups were heterogeneous  and the  students carried different designations ensuring a role played by each in finishing and presenting the task. The orientation pack provided by AKU provided a good guideline to the teachers to monitor how well each student performed as a team member and how his participation and contribution made a difference in the group.

The projects worked on  were:

·        Mathematics activity of Draw a map of the school premises using the skills of measuring  and graphing  – Class VI

·        Reading is Fun. Choosing books from the library and summarizing the story and presenting them as projects. – Class VI

·        Urdu Book reviewing . Choosing  books from the library and summarizing the story and presenting  them  as projects. – Class VI

·        Math activity on Ratio and Proportion where students were required to make  models of famous buildings. – Class VII

·        Interesting Places of the Muslim World presented through brochures. – Class VII

·        Urdu Book reviewing Choosing books from the library and summarizing the story and presenting them as booklets. – Class VII

The MSB students did an extraordinary job and when their projects were on display they were a joyful sight as they bore a mark of distinction amidst other projects from other schools. The project coordinators from the AKU EB expressed their appreciation and recognition for the meticulous work the students had been able to produce which in turn reflected completely the relentless efforts invested  by the teachers in guiding the students.

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